Pilates Reformer Instructor Education

Dates: 2018 TBA-Autumn

Movement Principles (16 hours) TBA SUMMER 2018

Prerequisite: none

Forming a theoretical and practical foundation for teaching movement the Balanced Body® Movement Principles are based on current applications in movement science and form a platform which allows any fitness professional to work with any client to develop effective and appropriate exercise plans. This module provides the practical tools for observing, analysing and improving movements by gaining a deeper understanding of Anatomy, biomechanics and developmental movement patterns. 

Reformer I (16 hours)-

Registration Due Date:

Introduction to Reformer & Beginning Exercises and Pilates Principles

Prerequisites: 2 years experience teaching movement, anatomy, 30 Pilates Reformer classes or personal training sessions

Reformer I includes an introduction to the Pilates Reformer, including set up and safety, beginning exercises, program sequencing and teaching tips for group classes. By the end of the course you will be able to teach a beginning Reformer class or personal training session.

Reformer II (16 hours) 

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Intermediate Exercises

Prerequisite: Reformer I

Reformer II includes intermediate exercises and modifications designed for group and individual instruction. Teaching successful classes and sessions to clients at different levels of ability is emphasized. Included are a variety of programs designed to keep your clients inspired.

Reformer III (16 hours)

Prequisite: Reformer II


Advanced Exercises & Sport Specific Programs. Reformer III includes advanced exercises plus modifications for sports specific activities, tips for training the advanced client, and programs designed for specific sports.

BB Pilates Program Requirements

  • Anatomy (pre-requisite requirement, BB Anatomy in 3 D or outside equivalent)
  • Balanced Body® Movement Principle to be completed prior to test out.
  • Balanced Body® Mat I and II Instructor training modules or equivalent (102 hours)*
  • Balanced Body® Reformer I, II and III Instructor training modules

To become a fully qualified Balanced Body® Reformer Instructor, students must complete the following:

  • Introduction to Anatomy (BB Anatomy in 3 D or outside equivalent)
  • Balanced Body® Movement Principle completed prior to test out
  • Balanced Body® Reformer I, II and III Instructor training modules
  • Anatomy in 3D *Optional but recommended

Total hours of Balance Body course work including anatomy 64, 80 to include Introduction to Anatomy. 

Successful completion of each module includes course work, and written and and practical examinations. The written is a take-home examination given on the first day of the course; the practical is successful demonstration of a teaching segment on the second day of the course.

*If you have successfully completed a mat program from another training provider, it is possible to apply previous mat work toward your training requirements. Please call 1-800-PILATES to see if you are exempt from additional mat requirements…or contact MI STUDIO with any queries. 

Practical Hours

Practical experiential hours are in integral part of the learning process. The coursework is designed to introduce movement concepts, exercises and exercise adaptations but it is equally as important that students practice on themselves (personal sessions), watch other instructors (observation hours) and begin the process of teaching potential clients (student teaching hours) in order to embody the materials that are presented in the courses. Courses alone give you the tools: experiencing the work makes you an instructor.

Personal Sessions
Students can count any classes or Pilates personal training session they have already taken. Online class resources such as Pilates Anytime may count toward personal sessions. Developing and committing to a personal Pilates practice is an essential part of becoming an effective and inspiring teacher.

Observation Hours
Observation hours include watching experienced instructors teach group classes of private sessions. Online resources such as BB Podcasts and Pilates Anytime count toward observation hours. Observation is a great way to understand verbal and manual cueing, program sequencing and to hone your teaching skills.

Student Teaching Hours
Teaching hours include any Pilates teaching either as an employee at a fitness center or Pilates Studio or for family and friends.

Mat Practical Hours = 70 **
25 personal sessions; 45 student teaching hours -or- 20 personal sessions; 15 observation hours; 35 student teaching hours

Reformer Practical Hours = 150
50 personal sessions; 100 student teaching hours -or- 30 personal sessions; 30 observation hours; 90 student teaching hours

Total hours: Course work + practical + anatomy = 312

**if exempt from mat requirement, you will be responsible to complete the reformer practical hours only. Total hours including anatomy = 242.

Course Fees:

£475.00.00 per module by posted deadline (£575.00 thereafter)
£40.00 Per course Manual
£50.00 non refundable admin fee
Total Fee Paid for each Mat Module £565.00 (£665.00 after deadline)

Testing Fees:



30% Discounts are offered for most mat classes taken at MI Studio (Teachers Discretion) during course. However, it is encouraged to experience as many different instructors as possible to widen experience.

All observations at MI Studio are FREE of charge.

Student training packages: £400.00 (6 month expiry)

  • 1 FREE 1:1
  • 5 1:1 Private Pilates sessions
  • 10 mat classes
  • 5 Reformer or 10 further mat
  • 10 hours studio hire for practice
  • (Saving £205 off individual bookings)

Service Hire Fee: An optional one-time service fee of £200.00for use of the studio during your training period for practicing with friends and family. This can be divided into 5 monthly payments. Valid for 6 months from first module and renewed as necessary. By appointment only up to 10 hours a month.

StudentTeacher/Instructor Insurance: You are responsible for supplying a current copy of your public liability and professional indemnity insurance document to the studio.



Cancellation Policy/ Terms and Conditions:

  • 30-day Cancellation Period-a Full Refund for Module Fee less £50.00 Administration Fee if cancellation is submitted in writing and received a minimum of 30 days or more prior to course start date.
  • Less than 30 days-Fifty Per cent Refund, less the £50.00 Administration Fee if cancellation is submitted in writing and received less than 30 days before the start date.
  • MI STUDIO reserves the right to cancel to cancel any course. In the event of an unforeseen cancellation, we will endeavor to provide adequate notice and issue a full refund. MI STUDIO is not responsible for the administration of or refunds for transportation or accommodation services or reservations.

Please feel free to contact MI Studio for any questions or concerns.