Pilates Mat Classes

Pilates is a method of strength conditioning that incorporates mindful-movement with a focus on core stability. The benefits of Pilates  include longer, leaner muscles, improved posture, reduced risk of injury and enhanced physical awareness. Pilates is a form of dynamic physical reconditioning working from the central core through to the extremities.

All group classes are tailored to provide a challenging workout focused on balanced strength and flexibility in an aspiring and fun group setting. Rather than springs and straps for resistance, you will use your body weight for resistance, bands, balls, foam rollers, Pilates rings and other small props.

With the focus on core stability,  the benefits of Pilates mat work  include longer, leaner muscles, improved posture, reduced risk of injury and enhanced awareness and  performance of your body. The Pilates exercises are a form of dynamic stabilization retraining that reconditions the body from the central core. Somatics is movement reeducation and its benefits lie in relieving chronic pain.

Foundation-Beginners Mat Classes:(Intro)

Are a great way to become proficient in the basics of Pilates. Gain an understanding of the principles and begin to learn the progression and modifications of the Pilates method.

Intermediate-Ideal Mat Classes: (Pilates 1)

Building on the Principles learned in the fundamental levels, these classes begin to present a more challenging approach to the method.  Use of Pilates Arcs, Swiss Balls and other small equipment and props are used to enhance the exercises.

Advanced Classes:(Pilates 2)

A great Class for those who have moved beyond the basics and are ready to challenge themselves.  Movement integration and a deeper understanding of the method.

Mixed Ability: 

This class is suitable for most people with some Pilates awareness.  This class is designed as a mixed ability level and incorporates both Pre Pilates and touch upon the basic level of Intermediate work based on the overall ability level of the group. Beginners are welcome.

Pilates Arc and Props Classes

A dynamic class that focuses on both classical and evolved Pilates repertoire utilizing the Pilates Arc and a variety of props. A fun way to challenge balance, strength and range of motion as well as stretching and mobilizing the spine. Great for stretching out the mid back and shoulders.

It is recommended that you are familiar with most of the beginning and some of the intermediate repertoire before joining this class. Not suitable for beginners!

A class is strictly limited to 10 people.

Please be aware that there is a 24-hour cancellation policy on all Mat. If you cancel within 24-hours then you will still be charged the full class.