Matwork-Single Class-Mat £11 each.

Discounts apply to course blocks.

Typical Course of 10 Classes is 80.00.

Course lengths may vary due to instructor breaks, Bank Holidays and Christmas.

 Reformer Class Single £23.00 PAGO.

Intro Class FREE.

Intro Pack 5/£110.00 expires in 6 weeks.

Pack of 10/£180.00 expires in 12 weeks.

Pack of 20/£340.00 expires in 12 weeks

Pack of 30/£480.00 expires in 12 weeks

-most flexible-Pack of 20/400.00 expires in 6 months

No Refunds are offered on packages; 24-hour cancellation notice on all classes.

Interchanging reformer classes is subject to availability and class suitability.  Please refrain from attending a class higher than your ability level.

FREE introductory classes are on a pre scheduled basis. Contact studio for more information.

All classes are subject to price increase annually. Missed mat classes can not be exchanged for reformer and vice versa.